Our Mission

Climate change is the single biggest threat to our world and CO2 is the main cause. The energy sector contributes 40% of global CO2 emissions. If we are going to limit global temperature rises, then we need to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions quickly.

Subsolar’s mission is to facilitate the green energy transition by enabling grid connected solar power at the lowest possible cost. By focusing our attention on countries with an energy deficit we are creating new capacity in a way that is clean, green and affordable.

We work closely with the communities in which we operate to develop bespoke community programmes that ensure we protect the local way of life and provide opportunities and benefits for those that live and work close by.

Solar technology has improved significantly in the last decade, becoming cheaper and more reliable. Our aim is to have more than 1GW of solar projects close to completion by the end of 2025 ramping up to 4GW by the end of 2030.

A decade of Experience

Subsolar has been developing solar PV plants since 2010. We have offices in South Africa, Zambia, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden and have developed in excess of 40 large scale PV projects in the last 10 years.

Subsolar started in South Africa where we partnered with leading IPP’s such as SunEdison, FRV and Canadian Solar to bring our developments into the South African Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP). We now have over 140MW of our solar developments in operation in South Africa.

In 2019, Subsolar opened its first office in Sweden and has developed some of the country’s largest solar projects. As of December 2020, our Skurup project is Sweden’s largest and will commence construction early 2021. Our aim as always is to bring the benefits of solar to the local community whilst protecting, the land, the people and the local environment. In Sweden, we have build up a strong relationship with the local regions to make sure our projects fit well with their targets and strategies.

Poland has committed to decommissioning its coal power plants over the next three decades. With a desire to reduce its CO2 emissions and a growing demand for clean electricity, the potential for solar in Poland is huge. Despite the turbulent year, Subsolar opened an office in Katowice in 2020 and is developing several projects of over 50MW across the country.
All Subsolar developments are held through their respective country offices which sit under Subsolar Energy Holding B.V, registered in the Netherlands.

Our Purpose

Climate change is the single biggest threat to our world as we know it, with CO2 emissions as the main cause for increasing greenhouse levels in the atmosphere; the energy sector contributes 40% of these global CO2 emissions.

For every 150MW PV project installed we can save 350k tons of carbon dioxide and create thousands of jobs. We have the tools we need to put a stop to climate change, and thanks to a huge amount of investment and development these tools are now the cheapest way to generate electricity. The benefits of solar power are clear and the opportunities abundant and Subsolar is well placed to make those opportunities a reality.

Our expert team of financiers, lawyers, energy specialists and project managers provide a fully integrated approach to developing, building and operating solar PV projects. We have a track record in successfully navigating complex projects and want to use our expertise to support the transition to a global clean energy system.

We need to reduce CO2 emissions in order to avoid runaway climate change. Join us in this challenge.

Our Team

Subsolar has local development team in its respective markets in order to be best connected to each country’s specific conditions. Subsolar’s board of advice is built up of a balanced group of professionals who lend their knowledge and experience to Subsolar’s continued growth. Subsolar’s managing director is Dick Berlijn.
Founder Subsolar Energy

Dick Berlijn

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Judy Smith-Höhn

Advisory Board Member

Pieter Tavenier

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Chikoma Kazunga

Advisory Board Member

Bastiaan van Nunen

Advisory Board Member

Saliem Fakir

Advisory Board Member

Simbarashe Mpupumi

General (ret.)

Maduna Ngobeni

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