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Subsolar is committed to enabling the green energy transition and creating a world powered entirely by renewables.

Low carbon, cost effective solar power has the potential to fundamentally change the global energy supply over the next decades. It was already responsible for over half of new generation capacity in 2019.

Over the last decade solar technology has improved dramatically, as have the benefits. Subsolar works with the communities where we operate to develop bespoke programmes that maximise the benefits for the local people and environment.

Where we make a difference

Subsolar started in South Africa in 2010. Since then, we have expanded across Africa and Europe, developed over 40 large scale solar projects, adding over 3000 MW of new solar power capability to the global energy system.

In 2014, Subsolar entered Zambia with a 150MW development at Ndola, in an area that had previously been deemed of no economic value, an old copper mine tailings dam. This site, which has been off limits to the local population, will soon be an integral part of the local energy supply providing jobs and giving back to the local community.

In 2019, Subsolar opened its first office in Sweden and is now developing some of the country’s largest solar projects. Our aim as always is to bring the benefits of solar to the local community whilst protecting the land, the people and the local environment.

Poland has committed to decommissioning its coal power plants over the next three decades. With a desire to reduce its CO2 emissions and a growing demand for clean electricity, the potential for solar in Poland is huge. Despite the turbulent year, Subsolar opened an office in Katowice in 2020 and is developing several projects of over 50MW across the country.

In 2021 we are looking to expand further with projects in Eastern Europe and Southern Africa.

A great investment

Solar has the power to change the world by providing cheap, clean electricity for the masses. Using our own funding Subsolar brings together energy, finance, legal and project management experts to devise and implement large scale solar power plants around the world.

In the last 10 years we have developed in excess of 40 projects across Africa and into Europe. We are growing rapidly and aim to have more than 1GW of solar PV in operation by the end of 2025 rising to 4GW by the end of 2030. Subsolar’s approach covers the entire value chain of renewable energy assets, from origination, development, construction through to operations.

With a management team experienced in both solar and wind development, Subsolar is able to develop renewable projects based on either technology. If you are looking for a solid investment that brings both financial and social returns the please do get in touch.

Invest with us

Subsolar uses its own funds, and raises funding, to finance the development and construction of its assets. If you are an investor looking for a profitable investment that aids the world in reducing the climate change risk, then do reach out to us.
Subsolar developers large scale solar project and sees them through financial close to construction and into the operations phase.